The Wild West

Marcus Linzy James is the great-grandson of Thomas Harris, who was born in Chilton, Wiltshire, England in 1837 and moved to Canada. He later moved to Memphis, Tennessee after the Civil War and joined a group moving to Colorado in 1871. Mr. Harris founded the town of New Memphis, Colorado, north of Castle Rock. He built the Harris Hotel and moved to Castle Rock, where he was mayor of the town from 1882-1883.

He was a member of the town council when he died of wounds received when he was gored by a steer in August of 1884. Marcus L. James, paternal great- grandfather of the interviewee, came to Colorado in 1860 and moved his family to Colorado in 1863.

The family homesteaded east of St. Phillips-in-the-Field Episcopal Church in Sedalia, Colorado. At the heart of Kiana Creek Ranch is the original James family homestead. 

The Allis's, a very prominent family in Sedalia, eventually bought the homestead. They farmed and ran a dairy barn on the property until the late 90's. 

After some interim owners, Michael and Andrea Slattery bought this special property in 2015 and decided to run cattle on the property. After living in the valley for a few years, they developed a love for the land. Currently Kiana Creek Ranch